About the author, Alexis de Vilar

His perfectly composed images immerse us in a sweetness of life… Paradoxically, Alexis de Vilar, while removing himself from current fashions, produces contemporary photographs, with soul, a timeless soul! How can we not hear the music he clearly loves when he uses titles like « Asia song », « Swahili song », « African song » ?
He only portrays women as sublime, perfect. You see them but you don’t hear them. The children, the vahinés, the men that surround them live in the Paradise that these photographs offer us. He also shows a penchant for what are called primitive worlds. Tribes on the verge of disappearing or already vanished. Women, men, elders, children, wild animals … a wealth of icons!


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Alexis de Vilar is not documenting. He is proposing his vision of Paradise as sole resident, before transporting us there. The difficulty I find in giving Alexis’s photographs their full value lies in their distance from what our institutions so shamelessly value. These institutions are just as pleased to produce grandiose retrospectives of bygone photographers as they seem reluctant to show the essence of photography, it’s permanence in a timeless classicism.

…it is reassuring to find a photographer like Alexis de Vilar who makes us share his dream. This Paradise would be truly lost if his photographs weren’t the finest way to make it our heritage. When some have been searching for times past, Alexis de Vilar offers us his Paradise and secures it for times to come!




April 1st -April 20, 2022

Online exhibition on ARTSY –

In The Gallery is delighted to present new series “I’m not here” by Lise Johansson.

“I’m not here” is a series of self-portraits photographed in an abandoned hospital. The project is a reflection on mental illness and about identity in a state of transition.

Being in a void between the old and the new, this rite of passage is a vulnerable place. The surroundings can become fluid and one may find themself now completely reset without status or identity. What was before and what will come after?
This transition between two states of being can incite both an aching and unease to return to what one once was but often are unable to return to again.

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Lise Johansson is an international awardwinning visual artsit and professional photographer. She studied portrait and commercial photography at Media College Viborg and analogue and fine art photography at Ver, School of Art and Design, Copenhagen. 

Johansson’s work has been exhibited worldwide in London, paris, Copenhagen, New York and many more. In 2017, she received two awards at the claimed Sony World Photography Awards, in 2020 she won the title ‘Photographer of the Year 2020’ in the International Color Awards and most recently in 2021 she obtained the 1st Place in Fine Art at the Int’l Photography Awards. 



March 5 -April 30, 2022

We are happy to present a selection of works by Danish photographer Jacob GILS from his series Mouvement and Transfer.

Jacob Gils´ photographs, equally analogue and digital in origin, embody a strong awareness of perfect technique and composition. The artist´s significant almost impressionistic style of iconic structures and sights makes his photographic works stand out with their layered production technique. The used polarisation method and multiple exposures generate engaging photographic interpretations that are organic and sensuous to the eye. Fragmented, draped and distorted they demand the onlooker to not only look at them, but also to get closer and pay more attention to the details as they never reveal themselves at a distance.

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Movement is a series which combines a strong aesthetical point of view with meticulous attention to technical detail. As the title indicates, the series is concerned with giving shape to temporal and spatial aspects inherent in all visual experience.

Transfer series are polaroids transferred onto watercolour paper. Through this technique a particularly atmospheric and dreamy mood arises. Upon closer inspection, however, the eye begins to decode that in these works there are real places depicted, all with their special characteristics. 



February 9 – February 13

We are delighted to present at Zonamaco, Danish artist Jacob Gils, with two of his successful series: Movement and Limit To Your Love.

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ZONAMACO México Arte Contemporáneo is the biggest art fair in Latinamerica. It has four sections: Main Section / ZONAMACO Ejes, curated by Direlia Lazo (Havana, 1984) / ZONAMACO Sur, curated by Luiza Texeira de Freitas (Río de Janeiro, 1984) / ZONAMACO Modern Art, curated by Esteban King (Mexico City, 1986)




In The Gallery would like to invite you to the exhibition The Darkness with Carsten Ingemann.

Carsten Ingemann’s artistic practice unfolds in the space between tradition and a psychological space less easily defined. Darkness is at the centre of his endeavour, with all the complex connotations it evokes. The landscapes conjured by the artist are made visible through the extended eye of the camera and the long exposure technique he employs. Thus, his works reveal the beauty and mystery of that which under normal circumstances remains hidden.

His works represent an alternative view of Denmark,  focusing on the silent outskirts in contrast to the bustle of the city.  As a result, the pictures are an accentuation of the inherently local, which still exists in a global world.

To his fine art practice, Carsten Ingemann brings a certain sensibility towards his subject matter, honed during his more than three decade long career as a renowned photographer, documenting political events, conflicts and war zones from around the world.