WINTER LIGHT 2022 – 2023


December – February, 2023

As a conclusion of 2022, whilst darkness still dominates the hours of the day, In The Gallery would like to invite you in for the exhibition Winter Light.

The longing for light reflects the current time of year, but it also makes reference to the necessity of it in the photographic process. For this edition of our winter exhibition, we would like to present works by artists whom the gallery has long-standing collaborations with as well as a few new additions. We are presenting both smaller format photographic work in combination with oil paintings, each with their intensity of color and vibrant surfaces.

All of the works are in smaller formats, with a price range to match, perfect for an end of the year gift.

Artists presented:

Jacob GILS | Lea JESSEN | Lise JOHANSSON | Søren SOLKÆR | Julien MAUVE | Steen LARSEN | Dan LAUSTSEN | Carsten INGEMANN | Werner VAN RECK | Michael AHLEFELDT |




Steen Larsen is one of a small group of artists using the mimetic approach in their work – meaning they reflect reality through precision in both detail and expression. Conceptually his work with urban settings center the tracks mankind leave behind in nature.

While driving and traveling in the USA and Europe, Larsen mounts a camera on the windshield on his car and shoots thousands of photos that later serve as sketches for his oil paintings. His photo-based paintings are narratives mimicking a road movie on canvas. Speed is captured at its essences as well as other present-day scenes.


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Recent exhibitions, recidencies and fairs:

Solo Exhibition,

”Shapes of Rain”, Ramfjord Gallery, Oslo, 2022

”Nevertheless” Gallery NB, Viborg, 2021 Denmark

Scope Art fair Miami, 2021

Group exhibition selected at Vertical Gallery, Chicago, Hangar Seven, Salzburg, 2019, and Van Der Plas Gallery N.Y.C.

Ramfjord international recidency, Oslo, 2019, 2021,2022

Artist Residency at ESKFF located at MANA Contemporary Art Centre, NJ, USA, 2016



Her relationship with Art began at a very young age when her mother, a professor in Art history, introduced her to this fascinating world. When she was 5 years old, she started her education in art.

In the series bar codes, the jungle and nature of her native country – Colombia – have inspired her work. Her artistic reflections have been deeply influenced by plants of significant importance to her region, such as Ceibas, Wax Palms, Guayacanes, Yarumos and Heliconias. Echavarría imagines nature that grows in unthinkable places.

Echavarría, is best known for her unthinkable, and unimaginable creations that merge opposite concepts.  Her works are based on nature, the simplification of shapes, repetitions and Fibonacci.

The artist creates a world influenced by the natural sorroundings that has captivated her since childhood, and her current fascination with the relationship between birds and plants. She works in black and white, but she experiments with highlights of color in an attempt to achieve those bright tones of tropical colors, which in the green jungles serve to attract birds.

Echavarría’s Art celebrates life that manages to overcome adversity. Her hands shake, except when she paints,  that why she states“her works make the impossible possible” .

Camila Echavarria (b.1980) lives and works in Medellin, Colombia. She was educated as Product Engineering at the EAFIT School in Medellin, and has worked with the medium since 2006.