UNFILTERED - A solo exhibition by Camila Fenster

April 19th – May 25th, 2024


“Unfiltered” marks Camila Fenster’s first solo exhibition at In The Gallery and seeks to challenge the visual allure of curated emotions on social media. With the title “Unfiltered” this collection of photographs playfully confronts the fascination, the almost obsessive act of, portraying happiness and the seemingly perfect life.

In her works, you will see young girls portrayed in various mystical worlds full of tales about desires, power, and identity and bears wearing boxing gloves, symbolizing their role as protectors of emotions. In the realm of digital media, emotions become actors on stage, hiding behind the performative nature of social media.

Her evocative photographs, which draw upon various surrealist references, present a powerful narrative about life – both online and offline – and examine how the digital landscape has altered human experiences and emotional connection. Through the use of visual allure as a gateway, the pieces stimulate a critical dialogue about the digital facade and make us reflect upon the blurred lines between digital illusion and real-life authenticity.



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Camila Fenster(b. 1970) lives and works in Portugal. She has a background in the advertising industry and holds a degree in Photography from the renowned school Ar.co in Lisbon. In her artistic practice, she photographs details of buildings, patterns, textures, and the human form, and combines them into new visual narratives. Her work is an exploration of the subconscious and draws inspiration from surrealism and the dreamlike imagery of René Magritte. Fenster has traveled the world extensively and her work has been exhibited in i.a. Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Denmark as well as presented in magazines in both Portugal and Denmark.