November – December, 2023

Camila Echavarría’s artwork resonates with the resilient heartbeat of Medellin-Colombia, once scarred by the shadows of its past as the world’s most violent city, now illuminated in her vibrant hues. With her brush, barcodes intertwine with nature, guiding viewers into a realm where the known merges with the unknown, inviting profound contemplation. Guided by the intricate dance of Fibonacci, her art achieves a meticulous harmony amidst chaos, a testament to the wonder of mathematics interwoven with creativity.

As she cycles through the Colombian mountains, she discovers the most colorful flowers and trees, inspiring her black and white artworks speckled with vibrant spots – mimicking nature’s strategy,with color spots in the dense forest, attracting the most beautiful birds. This artistic innovation reflects her belief that within life’s challenges lies an enduring, enchanting splendor waiting to be discovered.

Camila’s artistry has earned her the title of Artist of the Year 2023 at the DSWF exhibition in London. She has also showcased her work in exhibitions across Copenhagen, Mallorca, Miami, and Medellin, and shows such as Miami Art, Palm Beach Art, and Wynwood Art.

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Education is a cornerstone of her being, evident not only in her university teachings but also in her sponsorship of a student’s full education and active involvement in charitable causes focused on education. This reflects her deep philanthropic spirit and dedication to shaping a brighter future, embodying an unwavering commitment to education in her country.