Jacob Gils’ photography often features the natural world, with trees being a prominent subject in many of his images. Gils captures their unique beauty and character, revealing the intricate details and textures of their bark, leaves, and branches.

Through his Portraits of Trees, Gils encourages a deeper appreciation and respect for the natural world. His images often showcase the majesty and power of nature, inviting viewers to reflect on their own relationship with the environment and to consider ways in which we can all help to protect and preserve it.

Whether capturing the vibrant colors of autumn leaves or the stark beauty of winter branches, his photography celebrates the diversity and resilience of the natural world, while also acknowledging the urgent need for action to address the environmental challenges we face today.

Exhibition: IN THE GALLERY Palma MuseumCalle Plaza Porta Santa Catalina 22 

From July 14th to September 30th , 2023 – Vernissage Friday July 14th from 19h to 23h. 


Jacob Gils

PHOTOFAIRS New York 2023

September 8-10, 2023 – Javits Center

PHOTOFAIRS New York is a new contemporary art fair operating at the intersection of photography and new technologies. The Fair will present a state-of-the-art view of visual culture at The Javits Center in Manhattan, September 8-10, 2023.

The strong curatorial approach of PHOTOFAIRS New York will present an expansive view of the contemporary market centered around image making, digital media and innovative practices.

PHOTOFAIRS New York programming will connect collectors and visitors with international galleries and boundary-pushing artists to invite discourse and interaction.

For this Exciting fair, In The Gallery will present the work of Jacob Gils, Danish photographer.

Photofairs New York from September 7th to the 10th . 

Address : Javits Center – 429 11th Avenue, New York,



“I often find myself wrapped around in a cocoon. The silence inside helps me give dimension to each and every thought and emotion. This is the place where I create my art, it is where my ideas gain perspective and start to evolve. I use my art to form a solid and visual object of a specific chapter that has touched me in a moment. Every work I make becomes a memory, an expression.”

Camila Fenster (b. 1970) lives and works in Portugal. She has a background as a Production manager in advertisement films. Later on, she pursued a photography course at the renowned Ar.co school in Lisbon. Here she not only acquired technical expertise in mastering digital cameras but also discovered a profound love for the art form. Since then Fenster has used the lens as her gateway to the world, exploring and capturing stories of a range of different places, cultures, and people. This also shows in her extensive work of photographs which are rich in details – textures, shapes, and objects, that she later uses as if they were “paints”.

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Strange shapes, floating body parts, and bizarre apparel. Fenster’s body of work is a tapestry of visual narratives. Each piece is based on deconstructed photographs which are recombined into new photographic montages, unfolding stories about eight distinct women. Photomontage is a technique first used by the Dadaists and later adopted by the surrealists to reflect the workings of the unconscious mind. Like the surrealists, Fenster challenges the notion of our reality and rejects rational ways of seeing the world. Instead, the body of work draws inspiration from the artist’s own dreams and imagination and unveils Fenster’s observation of the world and human behavior.

Her artworks have been sold with huge success to almost every EU country, Norway, Switzerland, UK, and Brazil. A few years back, Fenster was invited by the Danish brand “By Malene Birger” to create a Unique Piece based on her aesthetic which now hangs in their headquarters. Furthermore, her artworks have been published in magazines in Portugal and Denmark as well as online magazines and social media.