March 7 – April 27, 2019

In the Gallery is proud to present the solo show 0 by Danish photographer Rikke Flensberg. The title of the show refers to zero – a nothing, which is something – a something, which becomes a starting point. From here we enter a world of bodies and landscapes, merging and exchanging properties. Fragments of body parts turn into tectonic surfaces, erupting and shifting. Elements from nature are pushed into new forms, through which our bodily self can physically relate. By zooming in and out between these two scales we are reminded of the inherent relationship held between the human body and the world, which surrounds it.
Rikke Flensberg (1980), lives and works in Copenhagen. She holds an MFA from Malmø Art Academy. Amongst other she has exhibited at Gallery Green Is Gold (DK), Gallery Muratcentoventidue (IT), Galleri Pictura (SE) and The Benetton Foundation (IT).
The exhibition is kindly supported by Knud Højgaards Foundation, Grosserer L.F. Foghts Foundation and Poul Johansen Foundation.



January 11– March 2, 2019

Once again, we wnter a new year, which for In The Gallery means our bg annual solo show by Jacob Gils. 

The artistic style of Jacob Gils spams over various subject matters – always unmistakably showcasing his distinct style and interest in the technical attributes of photography. Whether depicting the bodily form through the use of polaroid or old-fashioned glass plate tecniques, or when capturing the fleeting moments in land – and cityscapes by multi-exposing his motifs, Gils always returns to his love for photography as an art form. 

This love does not go unnoticed when viewing his work, and the results always present themselves as both alluring and poetic. These ethereal and uncertain narratives leave it to the human perception and imagination to fill in the remaining blancks. 

Now is the chance to experience what Jacob Gils has been working on over the past year; thus In The Gallery welcomes you to a new year with New Works. 



29 Nov – 5 Jan. (closed 22 Dec – 2 Jan)


As a conclusion to 2018, whilst darkness still dominates the hours of the day, In The Gallery would like to invite you in for the exhibition Winter Light.

The title of the show clearly reflects the season but the word Light also references the necessity of light in the photographic process. Represented are both artists whom the gallery has long-standing collaborations with as well as a few new additions.

All of the works are in smaller formats, with a price range to match.




4 October – 24 November 2018


In the series “Vignettes of a Salesman” Ole Marius Jørgensen stages situations inhabited by a lone traveller. The cinematic and dreamy atmosphere in Jørgensen’s photographs is heavily influenced by his background in film. Surrounded by beautiful rural vistas or situated in deserted locations, such as empty diners, motels or petrol stations, the traveller wanders through a scenery, which leaves us unsure whether we are trudging through actual outer landscapes or complex psychological terrains.

Ole Marius Jørgensen (b. 1976) is a Norwegian photographer, who has exhibited widely in the United States, Asia, and Europe. His work can be found in collections in Hong Kong, Stockholm, Oslo, London, Madrid and Berlin.
He is currently working on a book of his work to be published in 2019.

Artist website: olemariusphotography


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August 9 2018 – September 29 2018

Jacob Gils, Carsten Ingemann, Lea Jessen, Jørgen Johansson, Lise Johansson, Dan Laustsen, Julien Mauve, Andrew Moore

In The Gallery presents AWARD WINNERS, a show consisting of works by critically acclaimed artists, all of which have won various prestigious awards from around the globe. The show depicts a broad glimpse into what the medium of fine art photography can be, and how it can emerge from many different backgrounds and approaches to picture making.

In AWARD WINNERS you will be able to see fine art photography by artists with backgrounds as diverse as in cinematography, photojournalism, advertising and architecture.
What they all have in common is the ability to create poetic and atmospheric imagery, which leaves no doubt about how art can transcend.

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Artists in the Show:

JACOB GILS lives and works in Copenhagen. He has exhibited in solo and group shows across the globe and his works are represented in the Danish Royal Collection, Nanjing Art Museum, China and at Maersk in Denmark as well as in private collections all over Europe, and in USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Australia.
Prix De La Photographie Paris 2012 and 2015
CARSTEN INGEMANN (b.1952) His works unfold in the space between a distinctly Nordic landscape tradition and a psychological space less easily defined. To his fine art practice, Carsten Ingemann brings a certain sensibility towards his subject matter, honed during his more than three decade long career as a renowned photographer, documenting political events, conflicts and war zones from around the world.
Danish Union of Press Photographers – Press Photography of the Year
Laust Jensen Award
LEA JESSEN (b.1978) lives and works in Copenhagen. She was educated at the School of Photography in 2004, and has worked with the photographic medium since 1997. Her works often focus on details whose original contexts are not always readily revealed. With their focus on clean lines and abstract colour planes, these anonymous architectural fragments take on a minimalist aesthetic, making them reminiscent of the concrete art of the 1940s and 50s.
Toyota Photography Award
JØRGEN JOHANSSON (b. 1960) is an internationally renowned cinematographer who graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 1993. He is especially known for his work on The Bridge, Borgen, The Killing amongst others. Further Johansson has a background in still photography. He is a member of the Danish Society of Cinematographers.
The Bodil award
The Robert award
Danish Arts Foundation Award
Cinematographer Of The Year, Tv-festival
LISE JOHANSSON (b. 1985) is from Sæby, Denmark, and currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is educated from The Media College Denmark in 2016, and has travelled the world extensively as part of her photographic practice. There is a strong personal character to her works: a sense of abandonment and the curiosity towards the unknown.
Sony World Photography Awards
Monochrome Awards
Winner of the Hasselblad Student Award
FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards
DAN LAUSTSEN (b. 1954) graduated from the Danish National Film School in 1979, and is a member of both the Danish Society of Cinematographers and The American Society of Cinematographers. Laustsen has repeatedly collaborated with the Danish director Ole Bornedal on films such as Nightwatch and Just Another Love Story, and internationally with Guillermo del Toro, notably on the films Crimson Peak and The Shape of Water. Laustsen is also known for his work on the films Silent Hill and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Oscar-nominated Best Achievement in Cinematography; The Shape of Water
Bodil Awards (two times)
Robert festival
JULIEN MAUVE (b. 1984) lives and works in France, Paris.
Mauve has had exhibitions at Le Salon de la Photo, stand SONY, Paris, MAP festival, Toulouse, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, amongst other places.
Mauve is a visual artist creating cinematographic and narrative photography series dealing with human interactions and conditions. His work raises questions about our future, the threats that our civilization is facing, the quest meaning and our relationship with technologies.
Paris Photo Art Fair – Jeune Talents Award
Sony World Photography Awards
ANDREW MOORE (1957) is a New York based fine art photographer and filmmaker, whose colourful photographs depict famous urban places, landscapes and architectural structures, largely devoid of people. Moore’s photographs employ the formal vocabularies of architectural and landscape photography and the narrative approaches of documentary photography and journalism to detail remnants of societies in transition.
Sundance Film Festival, Special Jury Prize
Black Maria Festival, Director’s Citation Award
Michigan Notable Books Selection
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellows