January 11– March 2, 2019

Once again, we wnter a new year, which for In The Gallery means our bg annual solo show by Jacob Gils. 

The artistic style of Jacob Gils spams over various subject matters – always unmistakably showcasing his distinct style and interest in the technical attributes of photography. Whether depicting the bodily form through the use of polaroid or old-fashioned glass plate tecniques, or when capturing the fleeting moments in land – and cityscapes by multi-exposing his motifs, Gils always returns to his love for photography as an art form. 

This love does not go unnoticed when viewing his work, and the results always present themselves as both alluring and poetic. These ethereal and uncertain narratives leave it to the human perception and imagination to fill in the remaining blancks. 

Now is the chance to experience what Jacob Gils has been working on over the past year; thus In The Gallery welcomes you to a new year with New Works.