May – June 2019

In Stephan Schnedler’s series Dancing With Gravity a range of floating textiles are captured in a collection of single still-frames. The works simultaneously depict the duality of a floating lightness and a pulling gravity. Ruled by the technical attributes of still photography we witness moving surfaces and volumes suspended in both time and space. These isolated fragments help us understand the nature of movement and materiality, and makes the eye catch onto something that in real time would have already passed us by.

Through Rikke Flensberg’s work we enter into a world of bodies and landscapes, merging and exchanging properties. Fragments of body parts turn into tectonic surfaces, erupting and shifting. Elements from nature are pushed into new forms, through which our bodily self can physically relate. By zooming in and out between these two scales we are reminded of the inherent relationship held between the human body and the world, which surrounds it.

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Jacob Gils‘ series Movement are known for its picturesque multi-exposures. In the newest extension of the series, the works undergo another transformation, where as polaroids they are transferred onto watercolour paper. Through this technique a particularly atmospheric and dreamy mood arises, which lends a certain abstract expressionistic layer to the images. Upon closer inspection, however, the eye realises that in these works there are real places depicted, all with their special characteristics. The new pieces Transfers open up the idea of landscape photography as a deeper emotional scenery.

The exhibition is part of Copenhagen Photo Festival’s satellite programme.
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