10 March – 14 April 2018

At first glance Stephan Schnedler’s series Unreal Reality appears to be an architectural study in light, shadow and the effect they have on a selection of modernistic rooms and surfaces. However, the images are actually depicting constructed and staged models build with simple materials such as cardboard and paper, and lit in the artist’s own studio. Schnedler elegantly plays with the viewer’s perception of space, scale and materiality, and creates an intimate atmosphere, which draws the viewer further in. With the emptiness of the depicted spaces one is led not only to consider what is in the picture but also imagine what might exist beyond the frame of the motif

Stephan Schnedler (b.1984) lives and works in Copenhagen. He was educated at the School of Photography Copenhagen in 2010. Besides the series Unreal Reality Schnedler is currently also working on the project Dancing with Gravity, where in single still-frames he captures the lightness, gravity and movement of a range of floating textiles. Transference is the debut of Stephan Schnedler’s works being publically shown in a fine arts gallery.

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