November 4 – December 23, 2021

In The Gallery would like to invite you to the exhibition Winter Light 2021, highlighting the work of some of the artists of the gallery and invited artists.

The longing for light reflects the current time of year, but it also makes reference to the necessity of it in the photographic process. We are presenting both smaller format photographic work in combination with oil paintings, each with their intensity of color and vibrant surfaces and also small scale sculptures in classical materials.


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Lise Johansson recently won the prestigious international photo prize IPA under the category Fine Art Photography and she previously became Photographer of the Year in the International Color Award, and the achievement is well constituted in her work with its subtle tones and refined use of color and light.

Stephan Schnedler’s scenographic images of small models of modernist architectural rooms and surfaces plays with light and shadow, and on their influence on our perception of scale.

Rikke Flensberg’s practice focuses on the relationship between reality and the human being and a study of this with different approaches. She builds up her material in a new context, using instruments such as reflection, displacement and repetition.

Jacob Gils’ city and naturescapes deal with the exploration of light and time in his chosen spaces with his use of multiple exposures, and the impact on our perception of color. Through this Gils intensifies the experience of the place and brings our attention to its unique beauty and the atmosphere.

Merete Hansen’s practice is rooted in the figurative painting tradition. She uses a strong color palette and at times very thick layers of oil paint. Merete is interested in the investigation into composition, paint and her nearby or domestic surroundings, which is transformed into intense color and form experiences.

Jens-Peter Kellermann took part in our previous exhibition together with Merete. His sculptures are often made in classical materials such as bronze, marble and copper exploring a relationship between the human form, classical fragments of architecture in an interplay with small scale animals.