April 1st -April 20, 2022

Online exhibition on ARTSY – https://www.artsy.net/partner/in-the-gallery

In The Gallery is delighted to present new series “I’m not here” by Lise Johansson.

“I’m not here” is a series of self-portraits photographed in an abandoned hospital. The project is a reflection on mental illness and about identity in a state of transition.

Being in a void between the old and the new, this rite of passage is a vulnerable place. The surroundings can become fluid and one may find themself now completely reset without status or identity. What was before and what will come after?
This transition between two states of being can incite both an aching and unease to return to what one once was but often are unable to return to again.

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Lise Johansson is an international awardwinning visual artsit and professional photographer. She studied portrait and commercial photography at Media College Viborg and analogue and fine art photography at Ver, School of Art and Design, Copenhagen. 

Johansson’s work has been exhibited worldwide in London, paris, Copenhagen, New York and many more. In 2017, she received two awards at the claimed Sony World Photography Awards, in 2020 she won the title ‘Photographer of the Year 2020’ in the International Color Awards and most recently in 2021 she obtained the 1st Place in Fine Art at the Int’l Photography Awards.