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Limit Your Love 2011 Limit To Your Love I, polaroid, 2011


25TH MAY - 10TH AUGUST 2012

Jacob Gils’ photographs are analogue/digital works that combine simple expressions with layered production techniques. He uses complex polarisation methods and multiple exposures to generate engaging textures. His portraits are organic and sensuous. His cityscapes are fragmented, draped and distorted.

Limit to Your Love is a series of photos from 2011. They represent a special technique in which as many as 12 different fragments have been compiled to make up a motif of its own. The photos show different women in vulnerable positions, partly or completely undressed. The fragments can still be distinguished at the same time as you notice how they all contribute to a new and connected whole. With his theme Limit to Your Love, Jacob Gils shows us how love when it is kind can show itself as a connecting and positive feeling. At the same time love is fragile (cf. the nudity of the women) and can evoke limiting emotional boundaries in the woman herself.

The Movement-series is from 2011/2012. Movement is the theme of the series. We realize that this is paradoxical considering the fact that we are dealing with still-photography, but using a special technique Jacob Gils has managed to let a world of movement reveal itself in his photos. At first glance the photos appear to have been “shaken” but in fact we are looking at many different photographic layers which have been carefully selected to give the impression of being on the go – just as Jacob Gils himself has been on the go and travelled all over the European continent. From Copenhagen to Mallorca. From London to Lisbon. The various photos usually hold one clear and inviting color which draws the viewer towards the populated and magical universe of the photographs. In this series we find another dilemma common to the world of today: tranquility and harmony versus energy and confusion.