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Katsutoshi Yuasa, An impossible extreme reality #2



Beyond assumption

IN THE GALLERY is pleased to announce “Beyond assumption”, the first Danish solo exhibition by Tokyo-based artist Katsutoshi Yuasa, who’s work has been shown widely over the world. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in London in 2005, Yuasa has undertaken five international residencies, including at the Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen from February to April 2011. It is thus a great pleasure to be able to welcome Yuasa back to Denmark for this solo show.

The exhibition consists of large woodcuts which all have reference to photography. Starting with a photographic snapshot of his own or a found image, Yuasa undertakes an inner journey in which the image is being processed – not through the photographic darkroom, Yuasa explains, but through a carving process which takes weeks to complete. Left is a subjective impression of the journey. Yuasa’s work can thus be seen to visualise the relationship between the subjective memory of the individual and the objective moment of the captured event.

If the artist can be seen as the “filter”, the work shown in “Beyond assumption” can be seen as the aftermath of the artist’s journey. A filtered journey, which might start with a “still”, but soon will move, provoked not only by the “filter” (the artist), but also by the spectator watching the work. This beautiful form of “simplicity” in the method can be found both in Japanese and Danish design. Here, Yuasa takes the principle into to the world of the artist. And, gone through the “filter”, it leaves us with an exhibition, which seems to indicate a hidden layer of reality, something that goes beyond assumption.