In The Gallery would like to invite you to theexhibition Winter Light 2021, highlighting the work of some of the artists of the gallery and invited artists.

The longing for light reflects the current time of year, but it also makes reference to the necessity of it in the photographic process. We are presenting both smaller format photographic work in combination with oil paintings, each with their intensity of color and vibrant surfaces andalso small scale sculptures in classical materials.

Lise Johansson recently won the prestigious international photo prize IPA under the category Fine Art Photographyand she previously became Photographer of the Year in the International Color Award, and the achievement is well constituted in her work with its subtle tones and refined useof color and light.


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Stephan Schnedler’s scenographic images of small models of modernist architectural rooms and surfaces plays with light and shadow, and on their influence on our perception of scale.

Rikke Flensbergs practice focuses on the relationship between reality and the human being and a study of this with different approaches. She builds up her material in a new context, using instruments such as reflection, displacement and repetition.

Jacob Gils’ city and naturescapes deal with the exploration of light and time in his chosen spaces with his use ofmultiple exposures, and the impact on our perception ofcolor. Through this Gils intensifies the experience of the place and brings our attention to its unique beauty and the atmosphere.

Merete Hansen’s practice is rooted in the figurative painting tradition. She uses a strong color palette and at times verythick layers of oil paint. Merete is interested in the investigation into composition, paint and her nearby or domestic surroundings, which is transformed into intense color and form experiences.  

Jens-Peter Kellermann took part in our previous exhibition together with Merete. His sculptures are often made in classical materials such as bronze, marble and copperexploring a relationship between the human form, classical fragments of architecture in an interplay with small scale animals.

We look forward to welcoming you to In The Gallery.



NOV 30 – DEC 8 2021


One Herald Plaza, NE 14th Street | Downtown Miami

Art Miami, America’s foremost contemporary and modern art fair.

Opening on Tuesday, November 30th with a VIP Preview evening with public days beginning Wednesday, December 1st and running through Sunday, December 5th.



The artistic practice of Lise Johansson unfolds somewhere between the conscious and unconscious mind – it exists both in the realms of reality and fantasy.

Johansson investigates notions of authenticity and challenges the classical order and structures with which photos are usually constructed. In her studio she edits and merges different photographic elements into final compositions depicting worlds of dreams and emotions, association and longing. These sceneries hold atmospheres as light and breezy as Hockney’s pastel paintings or as gloomy as Tarkovsky’s filmic universe. They make us question not only how we perceive each other and the world, which surrounds us, but also how we connect with the self, the mind and its various inherent potentials.

In all of Johansson’s work themes of identity and belonging come up, take for example the series Hearth, where photos of doll-like humans are superimposed into environments consisting of architecture models, planning future homes to come.


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This is not an illustration generated to make potential buyers relate better, this is a slightly unsettling juxtaposition, confusing us with its scale and perspective and thereby making us wonder about the unknown parts of the images. The mood is set, and like in the 50’s television anthology The Twilight Zone, we don’t quite know what eerie twists and turns are waiting for us around the corner.
Johansson allows us to imagine, and in the end leaves the final interpretation open to the viewer’s own composition.

Lise Johansson (b. 1985) is from Sæby, Denmark, and currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is educated from The Media College Denmark in 2016, and has travelled the world extensively as part of her photographic practice. Johansson has won several prizes, including the Sony World Photography Awards.


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Whether turning his eye to iconic structures and landscape sceneries or to the female body, Jacob Gils creates fragmented, draped and deconstructed visual puzzles, with a strong attention to both aesthetic expression and technical detail.

The project Movement gives visible shape to the relationship between the concrete physical movement, taking place in the production phase and the established environment chosen as content. Through the use of multiple exposures Gils generates engaging interpretations of iconic structures and landscape sceneries.

At first glance these multi-point images appear out of focus or shaken, but in fact they consist of many different very sharp photographs of the same motifs, which are carefully combined to offer an illusion of being on the go – in movement. The technique invites the onlooker to come closer and discover the details, which do not fully reveal themselves from a distance. The hazy, translucent shapes created by the technique make for a photographic style that resembles impressionistic painting while still retaining all the detail of modern photography.

Transfer is a further development of the sophisticated multi-exposures of the Movement series, which is already known for its spacious and picturesque qualities. In this new extension of the series, the works undergo another transformation. As polaroids they are further transferred onto watercolour paper.

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Through this technique a particularly atmospheric and dreamy mood arises, which lends a certain abstract expressionistic layer to the images. Upon closer inspection, however, the eye begins to decode that in these works there are real places depicted, all with their special characteristics. In this way, the viewer is left in a state of both presence and the chance to disappear deep into the works. Transfer opens up the idea of landscape photography as a form of portal to a deeper emotional scenery.

In the series Limit To Your LoveGils presents images that offer a subtle contrasting vision of the depiction of the iconic and timeless subject matter of the beautiful female. The distinct visual quality and aesthetics of the images result from a unique artistic technique, which involves the transfer of multiple Polaroid images onto watercolour paper. The paper’s textured surface makes it difficult to completely control the process thus adding an element of chance to the final image. The random distortions seen as white areas on the surfaces ensure that the field of one image is never identical to that of its neighbour.

The tactile, disrupted surface of the works creates a distance to the motif, shifting focus from the specific woman depicted to the woman as multifaceted idea, making these works come across as emotive statements with natural imperfections.

Jacob Gils lives and works in Denmark. He graduated from The Copenhagen School of Photography in 1990 and his art has gained recognition in the form of prizes at the PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS (PX3) in 2012 and 2015. He has exhibited in solo and group shows across the globe and his works are represented in the Danish Royal Collection, Nanjing Art Museum, China and at Maersk in Denmark as well as in private collections all over Europe, and in USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Australia.

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In The Gallery is proud to present the solo show When Lights Out with a selection of poetically captivating and narrative based photographs by the French artist Julien Mauve.

Julien Mauve (Fr.) lives and works in France, Paris. Last year he was presented with the award Jeune Talents at the Paris Photo art fair. Mauve has had exhibitions at Le Salon de la Photo, stand SONY, Paris, MAP festival, Toulouse, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris.

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