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December 2015 - January 2016

Each year In The Gallery presents an annual winter exhibition with works by a selected group of gallery artists. This year we proudly present the constellation of Andrew Moore, Jacob Gils and Carsten Ingemann – three artists with each their own individual aesthetic as well as similarities. All three artists take photos of dynamic urban sceneries as well as the wider dimensions of the open landscape. With this in mind the hanging will present itself as a thematic contrast – the landscape seen as opposed to the life in the bigger city.

New York based fine art photographer Andrew Moore´s color photographs of famous urban places, landscapes and architectural structures are largely devoid of people. This, Moore´s artistic trademark, gives them a post apocalyptic, cinematic and historic interesting feel -– is what makes one start to reflect on the untold stories hidden underneath. Moore´s captivating works document a life in flux and places in transformation with light and contrasts in focus.

Jacob Gils´ significant style reveals the Danish artist´s strong interest in technique and how to push the boundaries of the photographic media. The result, a poetic photographic style that at first glance resembles impressionistic paintings, but at a closer inspection reveals the details of modern photography. The multiple exposures adds a dreamy and poetic ambiance to the motifs which appears more as atmospheres and emotions than as specific landscapes.

Carsten Ingemann´s series Darkness embody a strong personal curiosity and visual awareness of the local. They are manifestations of the artist´s perceptions and physical experiences of specific landscapes and small town areas. His works give the viewer a photographic glimpse of the immediate beauty of the grandiose nature and its inhabitants. The photos are equally thought provoking and beautiful and take form in the space between the real, the observed and the exceptionally well composed.

The displayed artists all unfold a type of photography that demands further investment from its onlooker and question their own artistic allegiance as well as that of the photographic genre. Further, the select pieces represent a social phenomenon that is at the very heart of contemporary art dialogue today as they balance on the edge of reality and dream, the abstract and the realistic.