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In The Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition with selected works by the Danish photographer Gregers Heering from the 24th of April – 23rd of May 2015.


24.04 – 23.05 2015

In 2014, Danish author Kirsten Jacobsen and art photographer Gregers Heering spent 32 days aboard MAJESTIC, the world’s biggest ship. The route span from Asia across the Indian Ocean, by the Somalian coast, through the Suez Canal and finally into the Mediterranean. The result is the book “Majestic – 32 days aboard the world’s biggest ship”.
This exclusive exhibition showcases twenty select pieces of Heering’s work.

Unlike a set of documentary photographs, Heering creates a highly personal and unique visual universe. His strength as a story teller and passion for cinema is eminent, yet the real power lies within the artist’s own sense of mystery and danger that leaves the work with a sense of weightlessness: Long exposures of this giant, man-made vessel as she cuts through the dark ocean, lit only by moonlight. Abstract scenes from the ship yard and terminals. The incomprehensible architectural scale of the ship’s iron belly, veins and heart. It’s a world unbeknownst to most, yet this ship plays an all important role in each of our lives.

“I cherish man made things that intertwines with nature on an epic scale.”, Heering has said. “I’m a story teller who is drawn to the energy of secluded places where humans often find themselves forced to confront identity and purpose to remain sane.”

The mesmerizing beauty in the center of the cultivated emptiness, reality and physicality is all a part of Heering’s Majestic world.



Gregers Heering (b. 1974 in Denmark) resides and works in Los Angeles, US. He holds an M.F.A. degree from The American Film Institute, Hollywood, California. US.

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