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A photographic group-show exploring the idea of the missing man curated by Tomas Lagermand Lundme and Stine Ljungdalh.

Who is the man?

Curators Tomas Lagermand Lundme and Stine Ljungdalh have asked a number of artists the above question and asked each artist to contribute with a photograph, featuring the man, not necessarily depicted as a man, but something that gives us the sense of man. It could be a dream about the man, a memory of him, or an attempt to retain him as something that was once there. It may also be a perspective, pointing towards future man, as a hybrid. Ultimately, it’s up to each artist to determine his or her own personal vision of how man would appear on a March day in 2013.

The show, somewhat, revolves around the idea of sociological “study” using a method similar to that of a qualitative assessment, presented and analysed by an expert to see and explore the idea of man from the point of view of a diverse group of artists representing most ages, genders and points in life. The answers to the questions might not be as with a sociologist who demonstrates a worldview of a man. Here is the artist who gives answers in the form of a photograph.

It is International Women’s Day on March 8th. But what about the man? He does not have an International Men’s Day. Therefore the exhibition opens on March 7th in an attempt to establish a day for the man. As the day of the man, a symbolic anniversary for the missing man. Whether it is political is up to each individual to define.

With the group exhibition M.A.N. In The Gallery wish to provide exhibitions space to an exploration of the ”theme of man” and thus to create a diverse image across generations, materials and minds that do not give one solution to who he is today, but instead come up with a number of suggestions pointing in different directions. The desire is very much to create a multifaceted picture of something that sometimes seems one-dimensional.

The exhibiting artists are: Anne Mie Dreves (DK), Åsa Johannesson (S/UK), Cecilia Jardemar (S), Flemming Ove Bech (DK), Jacob Gils (DK), Johan Rosenmunthe (DK), Jytte Rex (DK), Linda Hansen (DK), Lykke Andersen (DK), Akiko Takizawa (UK), Martin Søby (DK), Nicky Coutts (UK), Nina Strand (N), Peter Brandt (DK), Stephan Schnedler-Sørensen (DK), Stuart Sandford (UK), Tomas Lagermand Lundme (DK) and Vanda Playford (UK).