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21 September - 28 October 2017

In The Gallery is proud to present the exhibition Side Effects with works by Polish artist and pilot Kacper Kowalski. The project Side Effects combines two of the artist’s greatest passions; photography and flying. The resulting images are stunningly beautiful aerial photographs that challenge the viewer’s conception of nature and beauty.

The fragments of the world, which Kowalski captures from his bird’s eye view, take on abstract qualities when they become subject to the rectangular picture plane, rendering the frequently mundane subject matter almost unrecognizable. As such the landscapes portrayed become like the markings of paint on a flat canvas. Trees and roads turn into patterns of colour and line while symbols of modern human existence such as cars and machinery become strange signs on the image surface.

Rather than untouched nature, Kowalski is drawn to scenery, which has been marked and altered by human existence. By tracing the imprints on nature by humans and turning them into seductive imagery, the artist confronts traditional perceptions of beauty as something, which is natural and pure, while at the same time alerting the viewer to the lasting and destructive impact of humans on the earth.

Kowalski’s works have been presented in numerous international exhibitions and won several awards.