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20 April - 26 May 2017

In the Gallery is proud to present the exhibition Julien Mauve. The Silent Worlds, showing works from the series After Lights Out and Headland of Dreams.

French artist Julien Mauve creates photographic narratives in the borderland between dream and reality. His works convey a twilight mood in which the beautiful merges with the unsettling. The blue darkness disrupted by singular or mysterious light sources creates a filmic atmosphere and underlines the symbolic meaning of light as the source of life, hope and human presence.

After Lights Out 2013 – 2016 comments on the way in which darkness has been expelled in a modern world where artificial light is always ready at hand. Paradoxically, the obliteration of night also reduces the meaning of light. In his works, Julien Mauve restores darkness and reintroduces light as the centre of pictorial tension.

The works in Headland of Dreams, 2014 -2015 are inspired by a prose poem called “Promontorium somnii” written by Victor Hugo, and recalling a visit to the observatory of French astronomer François Arago. It deals philosophically with the coexistence of reality and dream, claiming that « sleep is not a formal necessity for dreams ». In response, the images of the series are short transitory glimpses of another reality, an attempt to find a dream-state presence in the waking life and reveal this « world that does not exist and yet which does ».

The exhibition is on display at In The Gallery from 20 April – 26 May.