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2. June - 7. August 2016

On the occasion of Copenhagen Photo Festival 2016 In The Gallery proudly presents Portraying Women, a solo exhibition by Danish photographer Jacob Gils.

In this exhibition Jacob Gils presents a new series of portraits alongside his ongoing series Limit to Your Love. In his new portraits, Gils presents well-known Danish women in a simple and honest fashion that emphasize the individual character of those portrayed.

Gils’ portraits unfold in the space between the study of the exterior physiognomy of the face and that of the internal landscape. The faces of the women are outlined in a stylized dark silhouette against a background in the individual woman’s chosen colour. With its graphic emphasis on surface, the series transcends the conventions of portraiture making the works stand out as contemporary icons.

The same reduction of details in favor of a simplified and abstract expression can be found in the series Limit To Your Love. The distinct visual expression is the result of a technique in which the image is divided into individual fields and transferred from polaroid-film onto watercolour paper. This choice of material adds an element of chance and lack of control to the development process whereby the individual works come across as emotive statements with natural imperfections, contrasting the idealized beauty of the women portrayed.

Experienced together, the two series present the visitors with very different yet equally fascinating takes on portraiture mediated by the creative process of the artist.