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We are pleased to announce another solo show with newer works by photographer Jacob Gils.

Blue brings together images from the Danish artist´s two series Movement and Limit To your Love initiated in 2011. The exhibited works from the first series immerses visitors in a world of a creative photographic practice that touches upon ways of representing iconic structures and landmarks. They represent the unexpected yet very recognizable and known. Further, via the specific layering of multiple images in the camera, Gils leaves the onlooker with an impressionistic impression and characteristic almost painterly feel – sometimes with a translucent second shape.

In the works five exhibited from Limit To Your Love the artist has worked with large format color Polaroids also embody a strong awareness of perfect technique and composition. The vintage and soft expression achieved via a developed technique where he transfers the negative to watercolor paper. The blend of motive and techniqhe creates an expression that is organic and sensuous to the eye.

Among the showcased images are new black and whites and also two colorful ones from Shanghai´s People´s Park.


Show period: Friday 26th May through 1st August 2015.


Jacob Gils has exhibited internationally at fairs in Shanghai, Milan, Paris and Los Angeles.

More information about the artist is also available here