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In The Gallery is proud to present the first solo show with the Danish photographer Carsten Ingemann.


8. October – 17. November 2014

Opening Wednesday 8. October 5 pm – 7 pm

Carsten Ingemann´s stirring photographs embody a strong personal curiosity and visual awareness of the local. They are manifestations of the artist´s perceptions and physical experiences of specific landscapes and small town areas.

The works among others, give the viewer a photographic glimpse of the immediate beauty of grandiose nature – Danish coast sceneries, unlit roads, woods as well as a small group of abandoned houses shrouded in mist. The photos are equally thought provoking and beautiful. They take form in the space between the real, the observed and the exceptional well composed. Ingemann also present the viewer with an aesthetic that links to both Nordic and an Asian mode of expression. A fine example hereof is the piece White Woods – a delicate fairy tale-esque interpretation of a Danish forest.

Throughout his career Ingemann has found it fruitful and necessary to set up rules for himself and his artistic practice in order to explore how he within those definitions is artistically capable of creating something new. The limitations (e.g. to only work at night) are, in this respect, as much a tool and material as is the concrete motive or place that he wishes to capture.

Ingemann´s photographs are intense explorations of site bound potentials – given by nature or created by man. The images represent a different view on Denmark´s less visited places in contrast to city business and noise. Behind the works lies the strong belief that it is possible to present a specific place without any prejudice. In this respect the images can be seen as accentuations of a very local rooted identity and local qualities in a global world.

Carsten was born in 1952 in Denmark where he continues to live and work.

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