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Opening: October 30 5-7pm

In The Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Edge of Darkness, a solo show of the Danish photographer Carsten Ingemann.

The work of Carsten Ingemann revolves thematically around darkness and on the state of mind it evokes in us. In a series of new photographs Ingemann invites us on a journey to the edge of civilization – out where our regular perceptions of the world cease and where we must give in to the unknown, uneasy and potentially dangerous.

In Edge of Darkness Ingemann uses his camera as an extention of his own senses. Whether he is travelling through the American backland of Death Valley or finds himself in well known locations he points his camera towards the all consuming darkness of his surroundings. By using extreme long exposures the photos reveal what can not be seen with the naked eye.

What the photographs offers the viewer is a unique glimpse into an alternative dimension established by the tranquility and silence of the night – into a world of both peace and anxiety where hidden creatures of the night might be lurking under the infinite starry sky.

Edge of Darkness is Ingemann’s second solo show at In The Gallery. More info on the artist