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From the 27nd February – 14th March In The Gallery will host an exhibition of works by Danish painter Flemming Hoff.




Flemming Hoff´s silent non-figurative compositions are distinct fields of tension between surface and room. Hoff paints on wood, plastic and canvas with oil paint, blackboard colour and tape. The architectural background has given the Danish artist a clear understanding of the importance of the materials chosen and their qualities and impact on our perception of certain objects (or rooms and surrounding worlds).

BLACK COLOR shows Hoff´s constant work with exactly that. The works emphasize qualities of materials – their potentials –  and the different ways they interact when combined to a new artistic language. Not as a theoretical exercise of when we experience the contours of a figure, but rather as a tactile experience of when and how we bodily sense the difference between one medium and another. E.g. canvas, plastic or metal.

The heritage from the 60s and 70s minimal art is concurrently clear. The lines and choice of colour borders on the monochrome and the picture surface is essentially characterized by geometrical shapes and patterns and stringent, accurate compositions. Also, the formal features reveal a close kinship with American colour field painters such as Mark Rothko, Ad Reinhardt, Barnett Newman and Morris Louis, but with a far more ascetic palette. Hoff rarely uses more than three colors: white, black and earthy orange. Colors, whose unpretentiousness is accentuating the nature of the picture surface and directing attention to the range of structures seen.


On his art Hoff has said

My paintings must be sensuous – experienced with various senses. Ideally, one should experience the painting with closed eyes. Feel and smell the picture – and look at it from within.

My paintings are not about stories. I am a painter and not a writer. I do not care if my art reflects our time. To me they must be universal and time independent.



Flemming Hoff, born in 1946, Denmark, is a painter with an architectural background from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and has had exhibitions in Denmark and US.

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